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Автор:  etot [ 07 июл 2018, 20:21 ]
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Ushheko V.P.
Modification of the Theory of Gravitation in TCW and Solution of the Anomaly of Rotation of Galaxies without Involving the Idea of Dark Matter.
In the theory of compression of the Universe, gravitation is the effect of slow compression of areas of space occupied by matter. At the same time, the rate of compression of space decreases with time. The result of this process is a constant increase in the scale of space, the observed expansion of the universe.
Unlike the theory of relativity, scale growth occurs at any distances, and near the masses, in galactic and stellar systems, leads to the appearance of an additional acceleration directed toward the center of mass.
This effect increases with increasing distance from the center of gravity, and leads to a flat view of the rotation curves.

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